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What are the differences?
In order to attract candidates, you need to stand out. AsyncHR allows you to target candidates across different channels:
- Email
- LinkedIn InMails
- Facebook Ads
Multi-channel outreach
Our AI-based sourcing tool will find a targeted audience for your job across social media using attributes like:
- location
- education & experience
- background
- diversity
Highly targeted audiences
Breakthrough the noise by using a special blend of personalisation & automation.
- High-converting copyrights and images
- Conversational ads
- Authentic & personalised emails
Personalized communication
AsyncHR dashboard provides you with insightful data about candidates and their actions
- Email tracking
- Facebook & Instagram tracking
- LinkedIn conversation tracking
- Website tracking
Real-time Analytics
Candidates love asyncHR
Global footprint:
We bring you candidates from 80 countries
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