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for a Senior React Frontend Developer
wndr is a new way for travelers to discover the hidden gems of their travel destinations, with beautiful and engaging short videos, all created by Internet content creators.

We are bringing fun, authenticity and trust back to travel content, while at the same time helping content creators get the recognition they deserve, and even make money from their content!

We are a funded startup in early stages, with a fully-remote team. While we are originally based in Tel Aviv, our team today is from all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Check out the current website at justwndr.com, and our site for creators as creators.justwndr.com.
About us
Tel Aviv, IL
✨ Job Description
Unlike many other companies, we are building a high-end consumer web application. It is critical for us to have a simply amazing user experience.

We are looking for a front-end software developer with deep passion and love for UI and UX design. Someone who will be able to work with our designer to optimize every small detail of the user experience, and will love doing so!

You should apply for this position if:
  • You're a great, experienced React developer;
  • You are passionate about building an amazing UI and UX;
  • You can show us amazing UIs that you have built;
  • You speak and write fluently in English;
  • You want to work in a remote but highly-integrated team;
  • You are in Eastern Europe or the Middle East;

The Job

  • You will be employed full-time and be paid a monthly salary.
  • You will be working as part of an agile, remote team of 3-5 developers. You will also be working closely with other stakeholders in the team, including a UI designer.
  • You will be working from Figma designs and developing in TypeScript with React.
  • We use NextJS for both the client and server side, with additional backend services in Node. Your focus will be on the client side.

How We Do Remote Work

We believe in fully-remote, mostly-synchronous teamwork. This means that we do our best to promote real-time communication between all team members, so that everybody can work closely together and move fast. We are heavy users of Slack and especially Huddle voice calls.

Most of our team works Sun-Thu, but some team members work Mon-Fri. That's perfectly fine!

Why Work at wndr?
  • You will be building a truly amazing UI, used by millions of users
  • You will be part of a team of talented, fun people, with experienced leadership
  • You will be trusted and empowered, so you can be as productive as possible, enjoy your work, and grow personally and professionally
  • You will be given stock options, so that the company's success becomes your financial success.
✋ Meet the leadership team
Mickey Haslavsky
CEO & Founder
Product Manager, UI and UX Designer and 100% passionate entrepreneur.
"Everyone sees their success differently.
So fight for your success even if it does not look like the success of others."
Oran Epelbaum
Co-founder and CTO
Hands-on CTO, with over 20 years of experience from successful startups. Passionate about building the best possible team, mentoring and empowering each team member to grow together with the company.
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