Hi! We're looking
for a Senior React Frontend Developer
Turn your travel content into revenue.

Our goal is to give hundreds of millions of travelers around the world accessibility to authentic and trusted recommendations and to create a stage for travel creators to provide beautiful information to travelers in the most practical way and monetize your making.

We want to bring trust and authenticity back to travelers to make decisions that fits their style in the best possible way.
Using technology, our goal is to provide new monetization channels and fast navigation to travelers around the world
About us
San Francisco
✨ Job Description
We are TrueSpots, a startup in consumer travel. We are building an awesome travel planning experience based on high-quality video content. We are looking to hire someone who can be the lead engineer on our client side.

You should apply for this position if:
  • You're a great, experienced React developer;
  • You want to be part of a small, remote team;
  • UI and UX run in your veins. You care deeply about the user's experience.

About TrueSpots
We are a 3-year old startup, but the TrueSpots product is pretty new. Our team is small (<10) and are fully remote. Most of our team is working out of Israel, but we are hiring from anywhere, as long as you can arrange for some overlap (5 hours per day) in your work hours.

What You Will Be Building
We are building the world's next-generation travel content website, built on high-quality videos by expert content creators. We'll give you access to our pre-launch site and share our broader vision as part of the hiring process.

It's awesome, really!

Your stack will be React with Typescript on NextJS.

Our Expectations and Values
We need you to be skilled in the React stack, and experienced in it for at least 4 years.

You should be able to take a Figma design, together with a short task description, and turn it into a working, pixel-perfect UI that looks and feels great.

We also need you to personally support and align with our values:
  • Customer focus: deliver something valuable and beautiful;
  • Professionalism: focus on the task at hand, understand the context of what you're doing, and own your work;
  • Communication: be transparent about what you're doing; ask questions and make suggestions; be kind and courteous;
  • Be a great coder: work fast, write quality code, maintain code cleanliness, keep low technical debt;
  • Teamwork: contribute to the success of the whole team.

What Working at TrueSpots Looks Like
You will be employed full-time and be paid a monthly salary.

You will be responsible for your own productivity, and other team members will do their best to help you be as productive as possible.

Much of the team's communication is done asynchronously: We use a task backlog on Airtable, designs on Figma, and text communications by email and Discord. This lets everybody move forward with your tasks without depending on other team members else being online.

We also do some online meetings. We offer 2 times for our daily online standup meeting - and we need you to attend at least one of them. We also do a weekly online all-hands meeting, so everybody is aligned on our strategy and milestones. We enable quick spontaneous conversations between active team members through Discord, which helps get stuff sorted out quickly.

Our core hours are 9:30-18:30 Tel Aviv time (UTC+2/3). You need to be online 4 of those hours, so you will get some overlap time with others and a chance to take part in online meetings and discussions.

Our team meets face-to-face regularly. We aim to meet you and have actual, non-virtual drinks together at least once a year - hopefully more, depending on your location and COVID.

✋ Meet the leadership team
Mickey Haslavsky
CEO & Founder
Product Manager, UI and UX Designer and 100% passionate entrepreneur.
"Everyone sees their success differently.
So fight for your success even if it does not look like the success of others."
Oran Epelbaum
Co-founder and CTO
Entrepreneur with hands-on technology leadership experience at multiple successful startups. Over 25 years of experience with various software technologies, and over 15 years of building and leading R&D teams. Also engaged in product management, security and business development.
Focused on delivering value to users with fast, high-quality, secure technological development.
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