Talent rediscovery AI platform

Match your existing talent pool with your new jobs

recruiters don't need to manually screen so many candidates, they have more time to actually interact with candidates.

The candidate experience is much improved, too. When candidates go to a site and submit their resumes, they automatically get recommendations for jobs for which they could be a match, including suggestions for jobs the candidates may not have considered.

"As the volume of applicants increases, the more likely the applicant experience declines, as many are not actually a fit for the roles to which they've applied. Candidate and user experience are important to us, and we recognized the need to utilize a unique and innovative candidate relationship management system.

"Instead of the traditional method of finding a single job posting on LinkedIn or Indeed and applying to that specific job, our candidates can now upload their resume to our career site and instantly be identified for multiple positions,
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AsyncAI provides actionable insights on who is suitable for a new role from the existing ATS database. Fill roles faster and at lower cost with talent rediscovery and efficient screening
- Silver medalists from the past job openings
- Hire alumni who advanced in their careers
Match existing talent pool with new jobs
AsyncAI will update the CVs automatically and pick the candidates who advanced in their careers and education.
Past candidates - future prospects
All new applicants will get the probability of being hired. AsyncAI model will assign the likelihood of hire to each candidate. The model retrains 24/7 based on your hiring decisions.
Screen automatically all new applicants
Deploy real-time diversity analytics to prevent bias, measure equity efforts, and increase hiring of diverse talent. Asynchr anonymous resume screening helps mitigate bias at the beginning of the hiring process by hiding names, zip codes, schools attended, and even hobbies or volunteer work from resumes. This enables hiring managers and recruiters to focus on qualifications, capabilities and skills, not personalities or demographics.
Eliminate biased hiring decisions
AsyncHR platform was designed to collect, index, and analyze millions and millions of profiles and use advanced AI to match them to jobs, opportunities, and career paths.

It's not totally transparent what skills are most relevant for the current job....
Skills patterns & visualization or A new approach to skills

University ranking are present for decades, but there is no ranking for the companies. With AI we have created the ranking of the companies from all over the Globe, now it's 27k of companies.
Strong companies hire world-class engineers
When we source candidates on Linkedin we use Total experience parameter,
Total experience vs. Relevant experience
Often recruiters make a decision based on the current candidate title, but there are synonyms...

How do we score potential candidates?

AsyncHR looks carefully at adjacent skills, people you know, companies you have worked for, the time spent in various jobs, education, and work locations – all of which provides a more comprehensive view of an individual.
Data security at the highest level of industry standards

  • SOC 2 Type II certified

  • Fault-tolerant infrastructure ensures availability even during extreme demand

  • All data is secured in US-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacenters with enterprise-grade physical and network security

  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and PII is protected with an additional layer of application encryption

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