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Superside is a tech-enabled design company that delivers beautiful design at scale to scale-ups and enterprise teams — from everyday production work to large-scale strategic design solutions.

We work with our clients through our leading in-house Design Operations platform, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient execution across all timezones.

Our clients are primarily US-based brands, and include Amazon, Puma, Spotify, Salesforce, Twitch Prime, S&S Activewear, Cisco, and others, as well as scale-ups and future industry leaders.

We aim to be the best place for ambitious international designers to quickly learn and grow their careers.
About us
Palo Alto
Be kind and trusting
Seek the truth and be ego-free
Insist on clear, simple solutions
Know what to NOT do
Decide and take responsibility locally
Understand good design experience
Learn, create, and have fun
Our Principles
We have Supersiders in 50+ countries

✨ Job Description
Superside is in hypergrowth and we are growing our product organization accordingly. Besides engineers and designers, we are looking for passionate engineering managers to support the fast scale of our teams. We look for candidates who come with a "can-do" attitude, the will to lead and make engineers successful. Engineering managers at Superside are versatile and do whatever they can to bring the whole company forward, their responsibility includes:

  • Work in a cross-functional team where you provide leadership and guidance on software engineering;
  • You have a background in Software Engineering, using modern languages, tools, and principles;
  • Manage all personal aspects of one of our software engineering teams (including 1-1, coaching, mentoring, and development);
  • You are a people person, and passionate about building and developing great teams;
  • Introduce new ways of working that benefits both individuals and the team;
  • Contribute in building and forwarding an engineering environment enabling personal and professional growth;
  • Be a go-to resource for best engineering practices;
  • A facilitator of openness and knowledge sharing across the engineering team;
  • Recently transitioned over to an Engineering Manager role (or similar);
  • Excellent and storyteller, with high integrity amongst engineers;
  • Ability to see bigger strategic picture and steer technical direction according to relevant business objectives;
  • Take part in recruitment related activities of new software engineers.
✨ The tech platform we are building
Superside is right now in a unique position to expand on existing deep customer relationships and we are gradually introducing a customizable creative operations system – specifically built for the large-scale enterprise use case. First iterations of many of these elements are already in place.

This "Creative OS" is structured around 4 distinct functional areas:

Drag&Drop Brief Editor: The customer can configure their own creative briefs per product and define rules for who should be allowed to submit projects.

Assignment, Planning & Project Management: The customer can create automatic assignment rules for incoming projects (e.g. all critical deadline projects should go to Superside) or decide on a per project basis inside the Superside PM tool who should do what. The customer can also plan campaigns, chat internally on an "Epic" level and manage their own non-Superside projects.

Project Execution, Design Commenting & Collaboration: The most important part of the Superside app is the actual project execution, where Superside should impose an opinionated process for how creative projects should be executed in various stages. Commenting by multiple team members should be made easy and centered around the creative use case.

Output, File Management & Result Measurement: Finally, all creative projects need to go where customers can see them, and Superside should make it easy to output projects to Digital Assets Managers, Marketing Clouds, Ad Servers or FB/Google ad managers. The dream is for Superside to eventually "close the loop" and link the actual project result performance back to the creative that has worked on the file.

Along every step of the 4-step framework the customer will also be given the opportunity to create workflows and automations. Inside the Superside's workflow editor, the customer can break down complex projects into milestones, decision points and automated integrations (e.g. «add final file to DAM», «create Facebook ad-group using final output» or «push final file to email marketing software»). When the customer creates a new project, they select the right workflow template to get started. By automating the process, the customer is free from having to update old process documents and to know what to do when and. Work items are sent to the participants notifying them of what they have new to do, and integrations are executed automatically.

Superside will continue to sell large-scale annual contracts of $100K-$1M+, and not move into "SaaS-land" of "charging $9 per seat". Superside will not sell stand-alone tech, but offer a combined bundle with Services+Technology. The return on the Superside Creative OS will primarily be through increased retention – a 3 percentage point increase in monthly retention is sufficient to double revenue over 2 years (1.03^24=2.03). Think about that for a second. Superside is targeting $50M in ARR in 12 months from now and if Tech can deliver "just" 3 percentage points retention that is then worth $50M in additional revenue. It's insanely hard to build a SaaS business with $50M in ARR. In addition the Creative OS will make it easier to close deals, and by restricting certain features to more premium plans only will make it easier to drive upgrades.

Our tech stack
Superside's backend is fully written in Kotlin and Spring, and our frontend is Typescript, React. We use Terraform to manage our infrastructures and deploy Docker containers to ECS, use Datadog and TrackJS for monitoring and are using Gitlab as our Devops/CICD platform.
✋ Superside Founders
Fredrik Thomassen
Founder & CEO
Fredrik attended ESSEC Business School in 2009 and went to Norwegian School of Economics straight after that. He graduated from there in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in economics followed by graduating from London School of Economics and Political Science in 2011.
Håkon Heir
Co-Founder & COO
5-year MSc. (Siv.Ing.). Engineering specialization in Heat and Energy Processes. Business specialization in Financial Engineering, Statistics, Empirical and Quantitative Finance, Corporate Finance. Master Thesis "A quantitative approach to asset allocation and trading". Courses in financial mathematics and heat transfer engineering, statistics, financial markets, financial optimization, corporate finance, business management and more.
Jing Venås Kjeldsen
CTO & Co-founder
Hello! I am one of the Co-founder and the CTO of Superside. At Superside I am responsible for the Product and Tech Vision, and are also planning the roadmap together with the team. TPD, the team I'm leading, is a thriving cross-functional team consisting of a mix of great backend-engineers, frontend engineers and UX/UI designers, and together we are building the future of product design platform. I'm switching my effort between discussing, planning roadmap, hands-on engineering, and analyzing the data.

- Responsible for The Product and Tech Vision and Roadmap for Superside.
- Knows a lot of programming languages, but my favorites are Typescript, Kotlin and Kotlin.
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