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Hi! We're looking
for a Lead Product Manager
We are a startup company in the consumer travel space.

We have a big product vision, an experienced management team, and funding.

We are fully remote, and based mostly in the EMEA region.

We are looking for a Product Manager with consumer focus and experience, to boost our team's focus and execution.
About us
✨ Job Description
You will be the Product Manager in a small and focused startup company, building a consumer web application. Your job is to guide our engineering and operational efforts towards delivering the best possible product experience. You and the team will be measured by our success in converting users to meet our business objectives.

We work in an interesting and challenging domain: Our users are hard-core consumers. They are relatively young, not tech-savvy and mostly mobile. They must be inspired by our product to trust us. Competition in our industry is hard, and we need to find our differentiation and focus on it. We have a good start for that, but it needs to be validated and refined.

Required Experience and Skills
You should apply for this position if:
  • You're an experienced Senior Product Manager
  • You have built successful consumer webapps founded on a focused, effective and beautiful user experience - all the way from pre-PMF to a fully-grown product with a significant community of users
  • You are ready for the responsibility of being the lead PM for a fast-moving company
  • You speak and write fluently in English, and have experience working in an integrated remote team
  • You are in the EMEA region
  • It would be advantageous if you also have experience working on a service or product in the travel space

Why Work at Our Company?
  • It's the job PMs dream about - move fast and create a consumer web app with a large target audience
  • No politics, no red tape, 100% hussle. Work (remotely) with the team, get stuff done, and enjoy!
  • Plenty of opportunities to learn and grow as a PM.
  • Make $$$ from your stock options as we hit it big :-)
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