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Speechify is the #1 text-to-speech app, built for your busy life.

Our amazing users are students, professionals, and productivity lovers. Many of them have learning differences like dyslexia and ADHD, while many just want to read faster and listen on the go. With Speechify you can turn any book, document, or website into audio, and listen while you're in the car, doing laundry, walking your dog, making dinner, working out, skydiving—whatever your daily routine is!

At Speechify our goal is for reading to never be a barrier to learning for anyone. Whether you have dyslexia, ADHD, low vision, or are learning English as a second language, this shouldn't hold you back from learning information quickly and effectively.

We're proud of the incredible team we have at Speechify, with team members who were previously Senior iOS Engineers at companies like Snapchat, Apple, & Uber, were ranked #1 in Bulgaria for math, are badass vegans with insane social media followings, and are on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list. We all love and prioritize creating value, learning as much as we can, listening to audiobooks, working out and eating healthy, and making our users feel empowered.
About us
✨ Job Description
Speechify is the easiest way to listen to the world's information. Articles on the web, documents in the cloud, books on your phone—we absorb the world's content and help our members listen to it on the go, at their own speed, with tools that make learning easier, deeper, and faster.

Or, put another way: what Spotify has done for audio entertainment we're doing for audio information. And whatever we're doing seems to be working: we're #1 in our category, profitable, and have hockey-stick growth.

As a core member of our Android team, you'll directly impact the lifeline of the business by building the foundation and supporting key features of our new Android app. This is a key role and ideal for someone who's either worked at a startup and built apps from scratch, or someone parachuting out of a big company that wants to get deeply involved in building a new and feature rich product.

We are a fully remote international startup, so this is not a typical 9-5 job, but rather a very dynamic role. Among the things you are expected to do: attending important meetings, handling critical issues (sometimes this happens during weekends) or cope with unexpected challenges.

Some of the things you'll do:
  • Owning major features and working closely with our design team - Take ownership of features inside the app and become responsible of delivering high quality features;
  • Shape the future of our Android team;
  • Own, maintain and improve reliability metrics for key features;
  • Participate in discussions across different teams - Product, Design, Engineering;
  • Review pull requests, and support other teammates;
  • Take ownership of feature releases and provide nightly builds for the QA team.

To succeed here, you'll need:

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience;
  • Familiarity with Android components;
  • Experience building or contributing to at least one Android app;
  • Product design intuition and user empathy;
  • Drive to push the boundaries of Android UI/UX;
  • Understanding of the importance of tests and how to approach writing tests;
  • Self-drive to improve the app and codebase above and beyond what's outlined in the spec;
  • Rock solid experience with Kotlin, RxJava 2, Dagger 2, MVVM, Clean Architecture, Background Services, Constraint Layout;
  • Experience in Agile Software Development, we run 2 week sprints and do biweekly releases
  • Good communication skills.


  • Experience building, maintaining, or otherwise contributing to open source projects;
  • Great sense for design guidelines;
  • Experience with Android Audio APIs.

Technologies we use:

  • Kotlin;
  • Coroutines/RxJava;
  • Kotlin Flow;
  • Jetpack Navigation;
  • Retrofit/OkHttp;
  • Dagger 2;
  • Room;
  • Custom Views, Canvas & Paint;
  • Jetpack Compose.

We offer
  • A fast-growing environment where you can help shape the culture;
  • An entrepreneurial crew that supports risk, intuition, and hustle;
  • A hands-off approach so you can focus and do your best work;
  • The opportunity to make an impact in a transformative industry;
  • A competitive salary, a collegiate atmosphere, and a commitment to building a great asynchronous culture.
✋ Meet the leadership team
Cliff Weitzman
Founder & CEO
I am dyslexic. Reading a sentence takes me the same amount of energy and brain power as most people take when solving a four digit long division math equation in their head. I love creating value, getting people into audiobooks, doing backflips, and telling stories. I sometimes speak at on entrepreneurship, learning, dyslexia, perseverance, leadership, & recruiting teams.
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