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Universe opens up the possibilities of the internet to everyone. A magical grid that distills the web into simple Lego-like building blocks. With our app, anyone on earth can build a custom website or online store in seconds — without code, all from a phone.
About us
New York
We are a remote-first company with people all over the US. We were YC W18 and have raised $17.32MM in funding from Google Ventures, General Catalyst, Javelin Venture Partners, Box Group, and more top investors.

We value individual agency and ownership –– which guides our product design and our company's culture. While other companies offer lots of perks, we prioritize your freedom: work from anywhere, in the way you're at your best. We believe that an individual's capacity for growth is far larger than most understand, and we've designed an environment to support rapid, continuous learning. Ideas here come from everyone, initiative is respected, and quality matters. We are here to build something special and enduring.
✨ Job Description
The goal of opening up the internet to everyone brings exciting challenges of scale — and at our current scale we are beginning to reach the limits of our technical infrastructure. We are now ready to have someone dedicated specifically to managing this infrastructure (you!). As we continue to grow, we want to make sure that our creators' sites stay performant and accessible, while also scaling up our DevOps team to continue to meet that ever-expanding challenge.

What you'll do
As our Senior DevOps Engineer, you will own our technical infrastructure.
This means you will make and implement plans to improve our reliability, scalability, and development speed, as well as expand our ability to find bugs and inefficiencies. You will design and maintain build, test, and deployment pipelines across our teams (API, Database, Web, App) and manage the collaboration between those teams to make sure the pipelines are best addressing their needs. You will manage our various AWS services, both through the AWS portal and with CloudFormation templates, while also configuring other external services that our application relies on. (Including Cloudflare, Auth0, Stripe and Imgix, among others.)

As we grow, you will continue to scale your systems and operations by expanding (and leading) our DevOps team.

Who you are
You love systems. Not just working within them, but designing them yourself and taking ownership of them to make sure they fulfill your vision.

You like working in an environment where you are empowered to come up with your own solutions to desired outcomes. You are focused on getting to the right solution — not on being right — and enjoy collaborating with others who share that focus.

You are a team player. You understand that systems of people are every bit as important as technical systems. You enjoy working with other engineers and helping them improve, whether that be through working through problems together or building infrastructure to make their work faster and smoother.

You have strong experience with AWS — particularly CloudFormation templates, S3, SNS, SQS, RDS, IAM — Docker, Kubernetes, secret management and scripting.
(If you also have experience with Helm, SOPS and Istio, even better!)
✋ Meet the founder
Joseph Cohen
Founder & CEO
"A product Apple made in 1987 called HyperCard was one inspiration. It was basically a no-code creation tool: design and development software for people who weren't designers and developers. I booted it up in an emulator six years ago and was blown away. I thought, If I could build that for the iPhone, it would turn every internet user into an internet creator. I could think of no more important problem to work on."
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