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for a Full-stack Engineer
Rootclaim is a collaborative analysis platform that change the way people understand complex issues.

Our team possesses a vast array of expertise. Our dedicated analysts hail from backgrounds as diverse as political science and social work to data science. The team's differences span political beliefs, nationalities, religious affiliations, and more.

We share one thing in common: an absolute commitment to the truth, and the conviction that Rootclaim's methodology is the best way to get there.
About us
Tel Aviv, Israel
✨ Job Description
Rootclaim is a non-profit company that creates probabilistic mathematical models for major world controversies, finding which party in a conflict is more likely to be correct.

We are looking for a strong Full-stack Engineer who is able to understand mathematical concepts. Someone who will be the only dev, so it's required to be able to understand the big picture, take responsibility, etc.

We're looking for a long-term commitment, being an intimate part of the team, and wanting the project to succeed and help human society.

Current technologies are below:

Front end (including technologies, versions, libraries)
  • Next: 10.0.7
  • React-Redux: ^7.2.2
  • React: 16.9.0
  • Typescript: ^4.1.5
  • Ant Design: ^4.16.13
  • algoliasearch: ^4.8.6

Back end (including technologies, versions, libraries and database)
  • Node js 16.14.0
  • Nest js ^7.5.1
  • TypeORM
  • JWT auth
  • PostgreSQL 12.11

The team handles everything using Heroku. The access to database is through Heroku, and the latter uses AWS.
✋ Meet the leadership team
Saar Wilf
I join strong founding teams and together build companies that solve high impact problems. I take the position of Chairman and seed investor, and provide whatever assistance is needed, especially in: algorithms, product, business development, fundraising and strategy.

Some of the companies I seeded or co-founded: Fraud Sciences (acquired by PayPal), ClarityRay (acquired by Yahoo), Supersonic (merged with Iron Source), Crosswise (acquired by Oracle), Moon Active ($5B valuation), Redhill Biopharma (NASDAQ: RDHL), Trivnet (acquired by Gemalto), Pointgrab (raised >$30M), Deep Optics (raised >$10M), Creditstacks (raised >$30M), CallApp (100M users), and Wikiwand.com (>10M users monthly).
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