Recruiters are the new Marketers*
* when they're using asyncHR
Hack the competition for hard to get Senior Talent with personalized ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
How it works
Specify job requirements
Launch automatic outreach campaign via social media ads
Receive a highly-targeted audience of relevant candidates
Interview and hire interested candidates directly
Global footprint:
We bring you candidates from 80 countries
What are the differences?
Use unconventional multi-channel outreach via social media (LinkedIn InMails, Facebook and Instagram Ads) to break through the digital noise.
marketing campaigns
With the help of our AI, create a highly targeted audience of relevant passive candidates based on your specified attributes:
- location,
- education & experience,
- background,
- diversity.
Highly targeted audiences
Be in charge of your recruiting pipeline:
- Calibrate your audience.
- Choose your outreach texts and creative materials.
- Track metrics on a real-time analytics dashboard with insightful data about candidates and their actions.
- Start and stop the campaign at any time.
Full control
We do not violate any ethics, laws, or personal boundaries. Same way as we don't send emails that candidates hate, and that negatively affect your HR brand. Just a neat outreach through personalized ads and inmails.
Zero spam
Doesn't sound true? Look how talent reacts below:
Ok, with whom and how do you work?
Product Designers
Product Managers
Types of talent we focus on
- 100 Landing page views -> ~ 5 Senior Candidates Applies -> ~ 1 hired *
- First 50 LP views are free
- You pay $2,5 per landing page view
- You can stop the campaign at any moment
Pay per Marketing campaign
Ideal for recruiters and self-starters.
    * Estimates are based on past results for average jobs. Not a guarantee of a future perfomance