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R2 Capital
R2 Capital provides flexible working capital to SMBs in Latin America. We embed our technology onto payment processors, POS systems, and marketplace apps, collecting our capital with a % of sales. We are reimagining the economic infrastructure of Latin America - where SMBs financial needs are satisfied without ever having to go to a bank. Backed by YC (W21).
About us
Miami, US
We integrate with some of the largest technology platforms in Latin America and embed tailored financial services that SMBs can then leverage.

We're a data-first company. Data is the core of our product and the lifeblood for all of our decision making. Data engineers sit at the helm of R2 by building the systems that enable new financial opportunities to thousands of companies across Latin America.
✨ Job Description
What you'll work on:
• Design and maintain our data pipelines and data warehouse.
• Create robust ingestion pipelines across integrations with our partners.
• Build processes required for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data sources.
• Implement data models in the data warehouse that standardize and denormalize data from multiple sources.
• Strive to get everything automated by implementing and maintaining a robust data orchestration system.
• Establish a secure data environment to comply with regulations across different countries. • Build integration components that can be generalized across multiple platforms.
• Collaborate with our Data Scientists to evaluate and deploy frameworks for machine learning models at scale.

Who you are:
• You have at least 2 years of experience with data engineering and/or data infrastructure/platform work.
• You have strong software engineering skills, and are very comfortable in Python and SQL.
• You have experience contributing to the architecture and design of new and existing data processing systems (architecture, reliability, monitoring, and scaling).
• You are comfortable working with data orchestration systems such as Airflow.
• You have experience in building complex data management and processing software systems.
• You have worked on integration projects, and are comfortable consuming data through APIs, SFTP, or straight up CSVs.
• You have an owner mindset: you care about getting to the bottom of how to make a startup successful.
• You want to automate everything.

✋ Meet the team
Roger Larach
Co-Founder and CEO of R2 Capital
I'm currently the Co-Founder and CEO of R2 Capital (YC W21). Before that, I spent time with Latin American neobank, Ualá, launching operations in Mexico.

Pior to Ualá, I was an investment banker focused on M&A and restructuring deals in Latin America.
Roger Teran
Co-founder of R2 Capital
Grew up in El Salvador. Early data scientist at WeWork, then led analytics at Reef, one of the largest networks of dark kitchens. Started my career helping SMBs in Central America find growth capital.
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