Hi! We're looking
for a Front-end Engineer - TypeScript/React
We're a creative bunch of data nerds and we love making data tools.

The tools we use should empower us, not get in our way. That's why we work hard every day to make you & your team more productive.

With the rapid growth of the open source data science ecosystem we have more technologies available to us than ever before. At the same time complexity is exploding. To combat the complexity we must leverage smarter tools built on powerful abstractions. Only then we can start focusing on what really matters.

That's what we're working on at Orchest. Making the complexity disappear, one commit at a time.
About us
✨ Job Description
Why we're looking for you

Orchest started out as an open source project with the goal of making technical complexities that data scientists have to deal with disappear. We have grown into a company to empower data teams across the world through better data science tools.

To continue our fast-paced growth, we are building a world-class fully-distributed engineering team. You'll help us get there by owning the frontend of the Orchest product, supporting our users, and ultimately playing a key role in the growth of Orchest.

What you'll do

Orchest consists of an advanced client side application built in TypeScript and React. In addition, it features a micro services style Python based backend to which the browser client connects. We expect you to bring your skill set and experience to further develop the product by owning the full client side experience.

More specifically, in this role you will:
  • Develop the Orchest core product, which involves many interesting problems, both technical (e.g. "implementing our drag and drop system in a performant way") and conceptual (e.g. "how do users expect this feature to work?");
  • Develop the Orchest Cloud offering to, among other things, make sure users have a smooth onboarding experience;
  • Debug customer problems and build features to solve them;
  • Shape and build the Orchest product, culture and company.
We often make product decisions based on customer feedback, so you'll have the opportunity to build something that solves real customer needs. You'll also weigh in on our product roadmap as an end-user yourself (we love dogfooding Orchest whenever we can!).

What we look for:
  • 5+ years experience in professional software development, ideally some of which you've spent in startups;
  • TypeScript and React expertise;
  • Ability to make technical decisions quickly;
  • GNU/Linux or macOS working experience;
  • A getting-things-done mindset and the motivation to keep improving;
  • Being able to keep up with the pace, we work quickly!

What gives you an edge:
  • Experience in Python;
  • Experience with container technologies like Docker;
  • Experience with open source;
  • Not shying away from taking on additional responsibilities;
  • Data science familiarity (reasoning how product changes will impact our end users).
✋ Meet the team
  • Rick Lamers
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Co-Founder of Orchest, Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Delft.

    I'm passionate about data science, machine learning, open source and computer science more broadly. After studying CS and dropping out just before graduation I started my own company with funding from Silicon Valley. I strive to make better tools for data science.

    I like open source, building software, reading papers and generally working with optimistic people!
  • Yannick Perrenet
    CTO & Co-Founder
    Passionate about complex challenges and learning from them.

    Ever since I was in primary school it has been evident that my talents lie in the exact sciences. My academic achievements demonstrate this, showing a perfect score for my Mathematics exams in secondary school and the continuation into a Mathematics University degree at TU Delft. However, my interests have always gone beyond Mathematics. I started coding at a young age, programming a self build NXT Lego Mindstorms to perfectly follow a drawn out circuit. Throughout the years I kept improving my programming proficiency by doing extracurricular activities, e.g. online coding challenges, internships, and extra courses in university.

    These experiences, among others, made me co-found Orchest - an open source, development environment for data science.
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