Hi! We're looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer
Mindojo is a "remote-first" company that develops the world's first self-evolving, adaptive learning platform that's used for premium online courses in partnership with Bloomberg LP. These courses help people (regardless of location and socioeconomic class) to get better jobs, be more successful, and make their dreams come true.
About us
Tel Aviv
We are lucky to have minimum bureaucracy and enough freedom. We truly enjoy a large amount of autonomy and independence in our day-to-day tasks, and sometimes we work hard (who's not familiar with healthy deadlines?). But we are also happy with what we do and what we get.

We have periodic payable team meetups in different countries together with our CEO. Hiking in Armenia and skiing in Sochi? Sure. Bicycles and amazing sweets in Turkey, yachting in Cyprus, and cool beer in Prague?
Why not! Something new every time.
Job description
Mindojo is developing a self-evolving, adaptive AI platform for personalized education. Our products are already being successfully used to deliver market-leading courses by some of the world's top media companies. We are building a team of experts passionate about making a world-changing impact.

We have a brilliant team of content experts who create unique non-linear learning content, and we're on the way to disrupting the global education market. On our platform, students are constantly engaged in personalized dialogue with our AI private tutor, far surpassing the efficacy of existing resources (textbooks, video or classroom lectures, and various e-learning products).

We offer a full-time (100%, exclusive) contract for a remote DevOps Engineer. You can work from wherever you wish and the work schedule is very flexible.

• 4+ years of professional software development.
• A strong technical background in continuous delivery and configuration management.
• Intermediate or higher level in Python.
• Experience with RESTful APIs and an understanding of the frontend web technologies that communicate with them.
• Experience with Git, Jenkins, and/or a similar stack.
• Knowledge of configuration management with Ansible.
• Hands-on experience with AWS.
• Proven ability to automate processes and build infrastructure.
• Confident in communicating in English, verbal and written.

Bonus skills:
• Portfolio of previous works;
• Knowledge of software best practices (design patterns, clean code);
• Knowledge of Docker, PagerDuty, New Relic;
• Experience working as a part of agile team;
• Experience with working remotely.

What you will be doing:
• Work in a delivery-based, agile environment with a remote team of talented people.
• Streamlining our development process all the way from code check-ins, peer code reviews, static code analysis, running automated functional regression tests as part of an automated deployment process to production.
• Improving our continuous integration, increasing our automated test coverage, and helping us get to the next level of maturity with respect to Continuous Delivery.
• Building, improving, and maintaining development/qa, staging, and production environments.
• Being on call to respond to production outages — this involves debugging and, where necessary, escalating to appropriate team members.
• Directing and communicating the long-term DevOps strategy, constantly building toward the future you have envisioned.
• Participate in weekly video meetings: retrospectives, sprint planning.
• Learn new technologies and be responsible for the results of your work.
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