Hi! We're looking
for a Senior Fullstack Product Engineer
Competitive Salary + Equity
We're building a new way to think and work with numbers. Causal is a tool for performing calculations, visualising data, and communicating with numbers. We take the good parts of spreadsheets and combine them with the good parts of programming, to make number-crunching fast, collaborative, and accessible to everyone.

We're a small team, and well-funded by some great VCs and angel investors (Naval Ravikant, Scott Belsky, and many more) across the US and Europe. We are a globally distributed team working remotely with members of our team on both sides of the Atlantic.
About us
London, UK
✨ Job Description
We're looking for senior product engineers to help us build the most flexible and easy to use number crunching tool. We have to solve various difficult engineering/UX problems:
  • Our spreadsheet-esque frontend interface: This interface comes with a slew of UI/UX challenges to support complex functionality without being complicated, and needs to be incredibly performant. Causal needs a low floor and a high ceiling — it should be simple enough for anyone to get started with, but powerful enough for really complex use-cases.
  • Our dashboarding and data visualisation capabilities: We have to allow users to create beautiful charts and tables to communicate with numbers.

    You Will
    • Understand the product and the customer's needs in detail
    • Translate functional requirements into maintainable, well-tested, and performant code
    • Help set up processes to guarantee the long-term success of Causal's engineering team
    • Play a crucial role in setting the direction of Causal's product, as well as the company and culture

    You'll Ideally
    • Have 6+ years software engineering experience building complex products
    • Have 5+ years of experience with (parts of) our frontend tech stack: React/Redux/Apollo/Typescript. Also nice to have Node/GraphQL experience
    • Have product sense and cares about customer/UX
    • Huge plus if candidate has prior experience working with Aggrid (our table library)
    • Worked on complex tools (BI tool, analytics tool, Figma, Airtable, Notion, etc.) or worked at a Series A-C startup on a chart or data visualisation tool
    • Be able to write clean + maintainable code with attention to performance, but also be able to ship quickly + scrappily when the occasion calls for it
    • Be comfortable shipping features end-to-end, from defining the product spec to deploying to production
    • Have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or another quantitative field

    You'll Get
    • Competitive salary and equity package
    • Unlimited PTO
    • Equipment stipend to support your home office needs
    • Generous monthly remote wellness stipend, which can be used flexibly for daily lunch, gym membership, co-working, etc.
    • Generous annual learning and development stipend
    • Company retreats twice a year
    • Remote-first (United States, Canada, United Kingdom) with a physical space in London
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